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Who We Are

The Dorsainvil Foundation is dedicated to the medical concerns of the Haitian People.


The vision of Dorsainvil Foundation is to expand the medical mission and the small functional health facility, to a fully-equipped hospital and outpatient center with a compassionate staff, accepting everyone in need of services, regardless of their social status.


The commitment of Dorsainvil Foundation is to promote healthcare and to encourage health prevention as well as providing treatment to the disenfranchised in the region. The foundation hopes to enrich the people’s lives by helping them focus on the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, modified lifestyle and good health. This would be achieved by providing adequate educational tools to the population.


Today’s diseases are affecting so many people including babies, children, parents and grandparents. By providing the people with the information they need to make better decisions, the death rate itself could reduce tremendously. Let’s work together for a better tomorrow.

  • Pierre Dorsainvil, Chair and Founding Director

  • Dolores Dorsainvil, Founding Director

  • Serge Dorime, Founding Director, Treasurer

  • Edwige Dorime, Founding Director

  • Bobbie Dorsainvil, Founding Director

  • Cynthia Dorsainvil, Founding Director

  • Amber Jovan Dorsainvil

  • Viviane Charles

  • Frantz Python

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